All Rounder Program


What we will teach:English Speaking development courses in uttam nagar.
This course is designed to cover every essential component of English & Public speaking from scratch in addition to Personality Development & Confidence Building. So if you are not able to communicate well in English or fear public speaking then this course is for you.

1. Basic Grammar & Vocabulary Best English Speaking development courses in uttam nagar.
x Grammar & Rules(Parts of Speech)
x Idoms, phrases, Smart words
x Synonyms,Antonyms, Homonyms, Root words
x Commonly Used Words, Error Spotting, Avoiding wordiness

2. Communication skills
x Reading
x Listening
x Speaking
x Writing
x Voice & Accent

3. Speech & Presentation
x Role plays
x Speech delivery
x Story telling
x PPT making

4. Interview & Job Skills
x Telephonic conversation
x Mock interviews
x Debates
x Group discussion

5. Personality Development
x Removing fear of public speaking
x Body posture & gestures
x Confidence Building Techniques